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Friday, November 19, 2010

Laramie in Pictures: The fences of Laramie

Ever since the Shepard murder, most people can only imagine a single fence in Laramie, Wyoming: the buck fence, specifically the one used in the beating. Strangely, that fence has become an indelible part of the landscape, and yet it no longer exists. In reality, fences do often define prairie landscapes like Laramie, but not just one kind. There are a complex of different fences which all come together to give our limitless, rolling landscape a false sense of borders and edges. Some of those borders are exclusive. Some are meant to protect, shelter, or include. And all of them have strong cultural valences to them just like the buck fence.

So, I didn't get a really broad survey of fences over my short stay, but here's a few shots of the variety which fences bring to our landscape. Yes, buck fences are included. But they are only one kind of sign in a whole system of signs which impress upon our imaginations. I hope you enjoy!

Snow fence, Curt Gowdy

I will forever have a soft spot for snow fences. Here's a couple more in the off-season:

Snow fences, north of Laramie


The next few are from around the enormous rail-yard running through Laramie's downtown district:

railroad yard

From the Catwalk, Laramie

Oh, buck fences.  How you continue to beguile and yet horrify me...


An old style buck-and-rail fence, Laramie

And of course, the ubiquitous barbwire fence, the most common sight outside of the town spaces:

Prairie scenes

Prairie Storms, Laramie

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