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Photo Gallery of Free Resources for TLP: Landscape

I've noticed that it's hard to get pictures of Laramie sights and places that you can actually use for things, like teaching and editorial purposes. Most of the useful or high quality pictures, even on Flickr, are protected by full copyright, and if you're like me, you probably don't like violating the law on those things even if the current intellectual property laws in the US are egregiously stupid.

This page aims to fix that deficit. The pictures you see here are all available from Flickr under a Creative Commons copyright with very flexible terms, and most of them (probably all at this point) are mine. Feel free to use them for any editorial or educational use you'd like, including for composition work, posters or whatever. I hope they help to fill in a little bit of detail about Laramie, the university, and Wyoming in general. And I hope they show them in a good light.

I've tried to include pictures of the town, the college, places/things mentioned in The Laramie Project and Ten Years Later: an Epilogue. Landscape plays an important theme in both plays, so I've added a little bit of that, too, with pics of the surrounding prairie.

I don't put many editorial restrictions on my photos, but I would ask that you use the photos of the Shepard memorial respectfully. There's no reason to flame that kid innocently using a bench for what it's designed to do. That's it!

To download any picture, just click on it, and the link will take you to the Flickr page where you can choose the size you want by clicking on the magnifying glass above each picture. Most of these are available up to a whopping 4752 x 3168.


Prairie Beauty
The Laramie plains, approx. 7500 feet elevation, west of town towards Centennial.
The parallel fences you see are "snow" or "drift" fences, which keep the wind from drifting snow over the roads.  

Prairie BeautyPrairie scenes

Pictures of prairie life, two different areas.  One is from north of town, one west.

Prairie shot

How to See Prairie Beauty

Prairie clouds

Some more prairie for ya. 

4th of July Clouds, Laramie4th of July Clouds, Laramie

Both of these are taken just east of Laramie, in Curt Gowdy State Park.

4th of July Clouds, Laramie
Same location, amazing clouds.
Prairie Storms, Laramie

This is Bosler
One of the most eye-popping spectacles is a prairie storm.
Taken on the north side of Laramie. The second is from south of Bosler.  

Sunset at Curt Gowdy, 4th of July

You have to see a Laramie sunset in person. This is no good substitute.

Laramie Night Skies

The stars at about 7800 feet. Taken just outside Laramie.

An old style buck-and-rail fence, Laramie

Buck Fence Laramie

Buck Fence Laramie

Okay, so I didn't want to, but I have rather grudgingly given you some buck-and-rail fence pics for you.
Actually, this one is on the same road where Matt died, about 3/4 mile away. It was the first one I saw anywhere in Laramie.
You can see others I've taken pictures of here.  

Welcome to Laramie, WyomingWelcome to Laramie, Wyoming

Two versions of a very famous book cover, taken over the 4th of July weekend.  Remarkably close, no? 

Laramie Sunset

A Sunset shot I took this past January. The purple you get in some sunsets at this elevation is striking.