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Photo Gallery of Free Resources for TLP: Off-Campus

I've noticed that it's hard to get pictures of Laramie sights and places that you can actually use for things, like teaching and editorial purposes.  Most of the useful or high quality pictures, even on Flickr, are protected by full copyright, and if you're like me, you probably don't like violating the law on those things even if the current intellectual property laws in the US are egregiously stupid.  

This page aims to fix that deficit.  The pictures you see here are all available from Flickr under a Creative Commons copyright with very flexible terms, and most of them (probably all at this point) are mine.  Feel free to use them for any editorial or educational use you'd like, including for composition work, posters or whatever.  I hope they help to fill in a little bit of detail about Laramie, the university, and Wyoming in general.  And I hope they show them in a good light. 

I've tried to include pictures of the town, the college, places/things mentioned in The Laramie Project and Ten Years Later: an Epilogue.  Landscape plays an important theme in both plays, so I've added a little bit of that, too, with pics of the surrounding prairie.

I don't put many editorial restrictions on my photos, but I would ask that you use the photos of the Shepard memorial respectfully.  There's no reason to flame that kid innocently using a bench for what it's designed to do.  That's it!

To download any picture, just click on it, and the link will take you to the Flickr page where you can choose the size you want by clicking on the magnifying glass above each picture. Most of these are available up to a whopping 4752 x 3168.


Pictures of Laramie proper:

Laramie Welcomes You...
A "Welcome to Laramie" sign, west of town

Welcome to Laramie, WyomingWelcome to Laramie, Wyoming

Two versions of a very famous book cover, taken over the 4th of July weekend.  Remarkably close, no? 
After I recognized the spot and took these pics, I looked behind and to my right.  
That's when I realized that I was within walking distance to the murder site.  Brrrr...
Street Scene, Laramie

Downtown, at Ivinson Ave. 

Downtown Laramie, Historical District

Laramie at Dusk

Downtown Laramie, from the historical downtown district.

Laramie By Night
The downtown district (1st street), taken at night from the catwalk.

Laramie By Night
Downtown Laramie at night.  You can see the sign for JJ's (the old Fireside) sticking up far right.

Laramie By Night
The sign in detail. You can see where they've painted over the name of the old name "Fireside Lounge" across the front of the sign.

JJ's, Laramie

The bar during the day.  I swear it's not as dumpy as the overcast light and everything make it look.

Albany County Courthouse
The Albany County Courthouse, home to both trials and the worst of the protests.

Albany County Courthouse
The courthouse again, from a different angle.

Laramie By Night
The trains and rail-yard are mentioned a lot in The Laramie Project. This is the rail-yard in question...

The Catwalk, Laramie, Wyoming
Here's what it looks like from above, from the catwalk.

Catwalk is for Lovers
The catwalk again. This catwalk is the appropriate location for two things:
1) wooing
2) spitting on trains

Grand Avenue!

First and Grand, Laramie

The sign says it all.

Laramie By FaithSecond and Ivinson, Laramie

Two views of Ivinson Ave., from the downtown and of its most iconic landmark, St. Matthew's...

Laramie Skies

This is the most photographed storefront in Laramie, as far as I can tell.
So I photographed it.