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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some More Wyoming for your thoughts...

I've only been home in the South for a week now, and I'm already pining for the fjords, so to speak. The permanent slick of ice on the roads and dusting of snow here in Appalachia has helped quite a bit, but I find myself thumbing through my photos from break nonetheless.

So, like that awful boss who makes you sit through a Powerpoint presentation of their vacation cruise photos in a business meeting, I feel this insatiable urge to force pictures I took while I was back home on you, too.

We can psychoanalyze that impulse at a later time. (Trust me, I'm angsty and self-referential enough to do it!) But in the meantime, here's a picture from the Wind River Canyon, an impressive chasm ripped right through the middle of the largest Native American reservation in my home state. The land is joint governed by the Shoshone and Arapahoe nations.

I took this photograph about seven miles upstream from where that eagle I shared with you had been fishing on the river.   Don't get too excited about the view, however-- this is a canyon, not a mountain range.  A magpie's view of this same river would reveal a flat plain of golden, snow-dredged wheatgrass prairie as far as the eye can see on either side-- which is majestic in its own right, but not quite the same. 

In any case, I hope this view is more interesting than pictures of your boss in a Hawaiian shirt dancing in a conga line.


  1. Spectacular is the only word. Easy to understand why you would miss such grandeur and beauty.

  2. Thanks for the comment, nothingprofound! It's nice to see this landscape through other eyes.

    You see, the next word that usually pops in my mind when I think about the canyon is "perilous." The highway running through here is the only reasonable route between Cody and Lander and Casper, and we have some nasty wrecks in the winter every year on the black ice...