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Friday, April 15, 2011

To Durham, To Durham we go...

So, as of 5 AM this morning, I pulled back in my own driveway after a 24-hour road-trip bender to North Carolina to see the lab theater production of The Laramie Project and its student cast.

How was it?  Well, it was...  okay, I'm not going to lie.  It was freakin' amazing.

I'm pretty dead-headed right now, but I'll detail a little more about my visit, chatting with the cast and crew, and eating at Hogwart's (yeah, the Great Hall looks like the movie set) while I was there. 

Spencer, Naomi, Summer, Andy, Jeff, Jacob, and everybody I know I just forgot to mention by name: thanks for talking with me. 

To the crew I only got to see in the shadows:  Thank you for making it snow.  

You all really are truly remarkable. 



  1. Thank *you* for coming!! I'm going to assume that this post means you made it back safely. Your presence was mentioned in tonight's talkback. Jenny mentioned watching you watch the show and feeling such a sense of responsibility to perform (or in her case to illuminate the performance) for/as Laramie. I too hold the "piece" of Laramie you gave me feel such gratitude. It was such a profound gesture ...a sign that we had done Laramie (in whatever small way we could) "correct" and our reward was receiving that material manifestation of a place we could only imagine (and research) and try to re-create. I look forward to your recap and sharing it with the cast/crew. All best--Jules

  2. From the bottom of my heart thank you for sharing Laramie with us. I have my jar of sparkle and it will be a constant reminder of the story we all shared in. Your work as a photographer and your blog has been an inspiration throughout the process. Thank you for your gifts, we will all cherish your visit and your inspiration. Jeffrey