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Friday, March 11, 2011

Links: The Laramie Project at Duke University

Okay, so I found out about this upcoming production of The Laramie Project in an odd way: linkbacks.  While I was cruising through my Flickr account the other day, this website I hadn't known about showed up in the stats, and when I followed the link back, I found this really, really great classroom and theater production blog.  The space includes a lot of great posts on producing, directing and acting this play, and those are things I can never talk about with authority.  Well, until I quit my job as an Anglo-Saxonist and take up stagecraft or something, that is.

You can find the blog here, where you'll get a variety of different meditations about the entire production process.  It's very, very useful for teaching The Laramie Project.  One of my favorite posts so far, on acting the roles of characters, is linked here if you'd like a good place to start digging through the posts.   If you're in NC or the surrounding area and would like to see the production, opening night is April 7th at the Sheafer Theater.  With this much thought and careful preparation, it's bound to be a great production. 

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  1. Hello Jackrabbit!

    I am the production dramaturg for The Laramie Project's production at Duke this spring. What a nice surprise to see your shout out for our production blog when I was making my weekly pilgrimage to your blog! This site (and your Flikr feed) has been invaluable in my work on the production as well as my own research on the play.

    If you or your readers have a chance check out the student posts (from cast and crew). They just submitted their first reflections at the end of February and will be writing 2 more over the course of rehearsals and performances. And yes, if anyone is in the Triangle area between April 7 and 17, please join us at 7:30pm @ Sheafer Theater on Duke's campus.

    --Jules Odendahl-James, PhD, MFA