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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shepard and TLP Reporting from the "Advocate"

For obvious reasons, the national magazine The Advocate was particularly interested in the Shepard story; they followed it longer and more thoroughly than most of the national media, and the quality of the coverage, from what I can tell, it a lot better than a lot of the other slash-and-type reporting that came out during the trials. Interviews with LGBT locals are also a lot more detailed and give more background information-- plus, they revisited the town periodically to get first-hand reports. Issue 796 has the most information if you need to get just one issue. 

For those that are interested, here is a list of some of the Advocate's best articles on the event.  Unfortunately, their online archive only goes as far back as 2008, so if you want to get these you'll need to find a source.  The Advocate is indexed by Academic Search Premier and Gale Cengage Academic OneFile if you have school access.
  • "Back to Laramie." Advocate 1031 (2009): 71-74.  [About TLP: 10 Years Later]
  • Martin, Michael. "Remembering Matthew." Advocate 1017 (2008): 28-35.  
  • "Revisiting Laramie." Advocate 899 (2003): 31.  [Interviews w/ principal people 5 years later]
  • Gross, Michael Joseph. "Pain and Prominence." Advocate 899 (2003): 26.   [Judy Shepard]
  • Vilanch, Bruce. "Hallowed Ground." Advocate 815 (2000): 47.   [The Fence]
  • Curtis, Phil. "More Than a Verdict." Advocate 802/803 (2000): 34.  [Sentencing; M&H's future as prisoners]
  • Curtis, Phil. "A Town Reflects on Itself." Advocate 796 (1999): 44.  [Interviews with friends]
  • Wieder, Judy. "The Shepard Family Heals." Advocate 796 (1999): 38.
  • Bertrand, Stephen J. "Matthew Shepard One Year Later." Advocate 796 (1999): 36.
  • Barrett, Jon. "The Lost Brother." Advocate 773 (1998): 26-30. [Interviews]

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