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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Linked NPR Broadcasts on TLP, the Matt Shepard killing, etc.

During the trial and its aftermath, I always felt that the NPR reporters did a decent and largely balanced job of covering the Shepard murder and its aftermath when so many of the television news networks were going unhinged.  Unfortunately, the NPR audio archive no longer has a good search feature, and finding what you want can be tough.  Nevertheless, with some thorough combing through, I managed to find most of the links I was looking for!

Looking at who was covering Laramie when, I think that really nice reporter who snagged me might have been Mark Roberts, who was a regional reporter for NPR stationed out of Denver then.  Just to give credit where it's due, thanks for being a good role model for media people, Mr. Roberts! 

 For those who would like to listen to some contemporary reporting, the following broadcasts are good, required listening:

Oh, and did I index the NPR report I was interviewed for, you might ask?  Fat chance, I'm not saying: the Jackrabbit can't be caught that easily.   All I will say is that this list is not a complete list of all the reports on NPR...  ;-)

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