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Friday, January 8, 2010

How I spent my Winter Vacation... And this afternoon

Eagle Fishing, 2 of 6, originally uploaded by Wyoming_Jackrabbit.

Well, I'm stuck in the C terminal of Denver International Airport after my plane from Casper was four hours late and it's looking like I'll be stuck here overnight, all thanks to our wonderful Rocky Mountain weather. It was so cold in Casper (well below zero degrees Farenheit) that the plane fuel wouldn't pump. Go figure.

So, while I am sitting here in virtual stasis while United Airlines is working on keeping us out of Appalachia, I thought I'd share some of my photographs with you just out of boredom. This one represents what I would like to be doing right now and can't: flight.

My father is a wildlife enthusiast, so we spent a lot of time in Wyoming traveling all over the state taking pictures. This immature bald eagle is one we spotted in the Wind River Canyon (north central Wyoming) while he was fishing for carp. After a few unsuccessful tries, he landed on some rocks for a rest.

I hope you enjoy the picture-- and if I get stuck here much longer, you might get several more. If you get as bored as I am, you can visit my Flickr photostream if you like, which is under the name Wyoming_Jackrabbit. I have several other photos of this eagle's fishing expedition, among other things.

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