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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Picture of Innocence

Right next to the amphitheater where the preachers had their four hour preach-a-thon and I protested them last week is a large pedestrian walkway running between the library and the Humanities building.  This morning as I strolled down the sidewalk I ran into a kindergarten class of about a dozen five year-olds and their teachers doodling all over the sidewalk. After three weeks of adults screaming at each other in the quad just a stone's throw away, the kids and their play seemed to dispel the gloom from the place.  I stopped to get a few shots of their artwork, which I just wanted to share with you. 

Anyhow, here's a picture of our visitors making the campus a better place to live.  The kindergartners left a huge mess of sidewalk chalk drawings on the pedestrian walkway for us to admire, and they never failed to get a smile from the college students as they hurried to their final classes down the street.
Childhood artist

But even more importantly, they brought a good example.   In the middle of those kids being being perfectly normal children, hoarding chalk, complaining to their teachers, and covering themselves in smudges, there were these two sharing their chalk with a smile.  I loved how this photo turned out with a little Photoshop magic:


Humanity looks a whole lot better with a child's touch, no?  Enjoy!

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