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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interesting developments in the Kato case...

IV Congresso Associazione Certi DirittiNot to harp on current events, but there's been an interesting development in the local coverage of the murder of Ugandan activist David Kato. It makes me think back to a certain 20/20 special with Elizabeth Vargas, actually.  The very beginning of the article briefly characterizes his death as an "iron bar" robbery, but it mainly focuses on Kato as "evil gay person," in a sense justifying his death as a consequence of his personal life.  The international outcry is simply dismissed. 

The piece is being run by the Uganda Daily Monitor, and their newest piece is called "Unmasking David Kato."  It crossed my radar because at least one of their sources is publicly decrying the paper for completely falsifying information-- the blogger GayUganda.  Apparently, the paper took a trip to his blog for information, and GayUganda is crying foul.   To make matters even worse, Kenyan papers are picking up the same information and spreading the story across international borders. Actually the post from the Daily Nation seems much worse than the Monitor story to me. 

GayUganda reports that he's unsure what to do about the libel in this case.  I'll be interested to see what he decides to do, but  in any case, it's interesting... 

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